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Helping People​

Be in the right place,

with the right people,

so they will do the right thing.

Bridge Houses


Women in Recovery

Working towards a healthy new way of living; where families can be together and mothers can raise their own children.​

Building Strong

Healthy Families

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When communities
come together, not to 
judge......but to love,
we can make a difference.



Do you know? 


Over 8,600 children were in Oklahoma state custody in 2019.  


Oklahoma is in desperate need of structured housing to help prepare women to begin their lives again when they are on the road to recovery.


With your support we can offer homes that will change lives and change our communities.

Will you help us

help them?

Why Bridge Houses?

Someone’s Daughter


Someone’s Mother


Someone’s Grandmother


We see these women every week in Oklahoma.


Every one different, but now, somehow the same.


We hear their stories……….


Heartbreaking stories of neglect and abuse, of broken families and rejection,

of drugs and alcohol and gambling…….stories of


  shattered dreams.


Mothers without

their children....


Stories of shame and guilt and






But with God

These stories can change!


Our Founder has been going to Washington County jail every week since 2014, ministering to the women where they are and trying to help them when they are released.

In 2019 she started going into Oklahoma state prisons with Prison Fellowship and

Kairos prison ministry.

More stories of women who are sick in addiction on the streets, living under bridges and in tents, selling drugs and stealing to support their addiction ...... wrapped up in a life

they can't escape until they go to prison. 

Women who want to change......Who want to get their children back. But they need help.


Please pray for these women who are living in conditions we cannot even imagine and join us to share the love of God by providing a safe place and a hand up for Women in Recovery.


This is why.....Bridge Houses.