What We Do

Bridge Houses Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was established in 2016 to provide a program to give Women in Recovery a hand up. The participants of our Healthy Living Program are provided with moral support, life skill training, and safe housing. We provide these services to women coming out of dysfunctional situations; women who desire a healthy living environment but have no resources of their own.


Our organization provides passionate and involved volunteers who minister to women in recovery; after treatment in rehab facilities, homeless shelters, or longer-term incarceration. Our volunteers are committed to meet a critical need in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has more than twice the number of women incarcerated than any other state in the nation, a fact that should shock and embarrass us. We believe that this is not a criminal problem, but an addiction problem. Currently, these returning citizens have few options except to go back into the same unsafe living conditions that fostered their current circumstances. Research shows the first 72 hours after being released are the most vital to prevent repeat offending. These women need additional support, wrap-around services, safe housing, and life-skills training to end the cycle of generational poverty often created by addictions and incarceration; both their parent’s and their own. 


We provide a safe, structured, healthy living environment and life coaching on how to set boundaries, develop healthy relationships, break the patterns of negativity and realize their full potential…..as well as how to land and promote in a job that enables them to provide for themselves, create security for their family.....and give back to their community. We connect them with the resources they need to be able to get their children back.......We work together towards a productive, peaceful life, making wise choices and moving forward into a better tomorrow.


These women have paid dearly for their past and are ready for a chance to prove that they can change and flourish with God's help......and ours.


      Will you help us help them?


The Bridge Houses are homes to accommodate those who truly want to turn their lives around…..a bridge from their old lives to a new life where they can thrive and make a difference in someone else’s life.        


A Win for them……..and a Win for our community.

What We Do 


Once accepted into the program, we 

pick the women up from where

they are and take them to their       

Bridge House to get settled in.


We help them with clothing

and toiletries.


We help them get their

identification and documents

needed for employment.


We coach the women on how to apply for work and interview for a job. 

Help them find steady, stable employment opportunities, and

encourage them to push through the 

challenges to be able to keep their 

job and promote within the company.


We provide transportation, making sure they go to their job every day,      go to their counseling sessions, and make their court dates.

We provide documentation for the

courts of their achievements and go

to court with them so that they are

not alone. 


We introduce the women in Bridge Houses to programs that will help them grow and prosper, like Building Bridges of Oklahoma

"Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World" that teaches poverty is not just the lack of money, but the lack of resources. Budgeting and Money Mangement training, Parenting Classes and more.


We provide a safe, stable,

structured environment for these women in recovery where they can get stronger; working alongside them to help them achieve their goals and celebrate their achievements.

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PO Box 1076

Bartlesville, Oklahoma


email:  ourbridgehouses@gmail.com




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