Who is in jail?

I took a survey at the Washington County Jail yesterday, and am sharing the results of it. Not everyone participated, but the women who did were very gracious.

The questions gave a chance to look at where they are and where they came from. It provided a chance to discuss the fact that we cannot change the past but we don't have to let it determine our future.

We talked about our home life as children; if we felt loved or not and how that shaped us. The feeling of being rejected is a wide-open door for the enemy to pour thoughts into our mind that can lead to bitterness, self-pity, and self-loathing. Women tend to self-medicate when they feel rejected, trying to fill the void............I know because I did it for 30 years.

I was NOT surprised that most of the women had drugs/alcohol/gambling addictions in their homes when they were growing up.

I WAS surprised at the number who went to church on a regular basis.

According to the Oklahoma Watch publication from January of 2016:

The State of Oklahoma lead the nation in the rate of imprisionment of female offenders in 2014, the latest year for which national data is available.

Oklahoma's lockup rate for women - 143 per capita in 2014 - was more than twice the national rate and the highest it's been since the Bureau of Justice Statistics began tracking numbers in 1978. Oklahoma Watch calculations indicate the rate likely increased in 2015, with total women in corrections facilities reaching 3,002.

The numbers keep growing....... and with each number, children are without their mothers. These women are helpless to change themselves......I know they want to, but they cannot. They need help to do something different.

These tragic numbers of women incarcerated will continue to rise and the number of motherless children will continue to rise unless someone does something........

Will you help us help them? Please pray for hearts to be open.

3/16/17 Survey at Washington County Jail – Female Inmates

25 Inmates participated


(6) under 25 years old

(7) 25-30

(2) 30-35

(3) 35-45

(7) OVER 45


(2) 1st Time

(8) 2nd Time

(15) 3rd or more Times

(7) Have spent time in Prison

(1) On the way to Prison for the first time


(13) Raised in 2 parent home (biological or step-parents)

(6) Raised in single parent home

(4) Raised by Grandparents

(2) Raised mostly in State Custody

(7) Spent some time in State Custody


(15) Were raised with a lot of church exposure

(9) Were raised with some church exposure

(1) No church exposure


(22) YES

(3) NO


(4) No children

(15) Children with relatives or Father has custody

(6) Have children in State Custody

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